Today Wasn't The Best Day Ever

I awoke at 7:30 am to find all of my sites hosted at HostGator offline.They are having a meltdown at the data centers or something. They'vebeen working to fix it since last night.

I was already sick for the first time today by 9:00 am.

After sorting that out, I tried to buy Neutral Milk Hotel tickets via TicketFly.They went on sale at 10:00 am this morning. At 9:30 am I tried to add creditcard info to my TicketFly account, so it would be ready at checkout, but it turnedout there was no way to do that. At 9:58 am I began refreshing my browser every 20seconds to insure I got a chance at a ticket. At exactly 10:00 am I put 2 ticketsin my shopping cart and clicked the checkout button straight away. After submittingmy credit card info, which I had tried to do earlier so it would be ready already but couldn't,TicketFly redirected me to the event listing page with an empty cart and no tickets.So I tried again at 10:03 am. All the tickets were sold out. They literally yankedthe digital tickets out of my hand and gave them to someone else while I was paying for them! I won't be using TicketFly again, that's for sure.

By 10:30 am I was sick enough that I had to take Levsin to keep my insides in.


p>At 11:15 am, with stomach pacified, I headed back to the 'burbs for a meeting. I missedmy train because my "Freedom Pass" had run out of funds and needed to be refilled.When I eventually got into town, I found I had to cancel my noon meeting anyway.All of my servers were still offline and so we couldn't go over anything. I workedon some other projects while sitting in the Groovey-groundy until around 2:00 pm.



I then went to the Sun bank to cash in my sack full of change. I do that whenever mychange jar starts to run over. Sun bank has a coin counting machine, so there's noneed to wrap the change first. My change jar is typically good for at least $60 to $100when full. Unfortunately, 2 guys were at the machine already. They literally had bucketsof change in assorted buckets, bags, and even prescription pill bottles. They weretaking a long time, so I gave up and headed back home with a sack full of coinsstill in my pack.

On the train ride home I changed seats because the guy across from me was having avery loud phone conversation about how he was suspended from playing sports becausesomeone else had done something that got them all in trouble — whoever they are.Not wanting to hear all about it, I moved to the other end of the train. At the next stop
a very loud family of 6 sat down all around me and proceeded to carry on a jovial shouting matchfor the next 15 minutes.

It's now 3:30 pm. I am getting the expected emails regarding site outages. Another site I manageis running "slow" now too. It's on a completely different host, and the problem probably isn't related. Itwould be nice if there were a few less problems today.