I Think I Hope You're Having Fun

NBC Universal made me a reasonable job offer, and I accepted. I'm scheduled to sign the contract tomorrow over lunch. The ink hasn't dried yet, so there's still plenty of time for something to go awry. But right now it looks like I'm selling out and going corporate.

Everyone I've interviewed with seems really nice and motivated—and I had to interview with a lot of people. The pay is pretty good. I could probably make twice what they're offering if I ran off to NYC, but frankly, I'm not interested in living in NYC.

There are a lot of obvious reasons I took the job. Increased income. Steady paycheck. Prestige resume piece. Bragging rights. More opportunity to wear sharp neckties. All of that stuff. However, mostly, I took the job because I've plateaued. There's a limit to the degree of complexity and refinement in application design one man or woman can accomplish on his or her own. Joining forces with the Fortune 500 will provide me the opportunity and resources to work on projects a person just can't do otherwise. I can't help myself. Mad scientist is in my blood.

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