People Are Strange, Well That Person Is, Anyway

This evening, out of the blue, a guy from the C-wood hood called me a shitlord via Facebook messenger and then promptly unfriended me before I could even ask, "huh?" (I'm looking at you, J. Blanchard.) Apparently I offended him by getting a job at a company he was let go from last year. Never mind that I'm doing something completely different than he was, and that it requires a fair amount of specialized knowledge most people don't have, which also takes a long time to learn. Never mind that I figure even if I'm let go in a month or two, it will still have been an interesting experience. Never mind that I'm not even wearing pants right now. Forget all about all of that. Then again, perhaps it wasn't my new found employment which offended him so. My lack of familiarity with the term yelch may have struck him as an unbearable ignorance on my part, well worthy of insult and shunning. Either way, the whole episode seemed to me uncalled for and a bit strange to say the least. I was originally going to post about this encounter on the Facebooks, but then it occurred to me I was overdue on my Tuesday blog post. So here you have it.

Yours Truly,
        Shitlord, Lord of the Shits


Mike Doughty - Looks (from 'Skittish')