Late Spring, Ceramic Bowls and Spatulas

My apartment is a mess. I've started unpacking my kitchen stuff. This involves lots of washing dishes. Washing dishes is my least favorite of life’s litanies.

It is nice to eat with proper flatware again. Plastic spoons, knives, and forks lack substance. I had been eating mostly from the single ceramic bowl I brought along with me during my displacement. This lone bowl has been reunited with the other three and a small stack of plates. I even have my cups back. I had forgotten I missed them. There are pots and pans, oven mitts, wooden spoons, whisks, and spatulas. There’s even a heavy-duty wing corkscrew. I’m having a hard time deciding how to organize it all.

If I were sensible, I’d be working on that now. Instead I am enjoying the late-spring weather and writing blog posts. There will always be a mess in need of cleaning, but we have only so many springs in a lifetime.

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