Ringing in the New Year with a Sneeze

I'm coming off a cold as we come into the new year. It's down to a bit of a sore throat and sniffle at this point, so I expect to be well soon. Here is where I knock on wood and then move on to the topic of making some resolutions for this year. Last year's resolutions were generally well met, but, in hindsight, many of them were arguably vague. This year's list aims to be more specific. And now, with no further ado…

My Resolutions for 2015

  1. Launch the new Sitting in Oblivion upgrade.
  2. Practice guitar at least 15 minutes a day.*
  3. Read 20 books.
  4. Listen to 1 new (to me) album per week.
  5. Meditate 30 minutes every day.*
  6. Upgrade my camera gear to a pro kit.
  7. Make 24 quality photo prints.
  8. Focus on fitness. (Yes, a bit vague, but it's early days on this one.)
  9. Use the internet more productively and less overall. (Again, it's early days.)
  10. Never leave a dirty dish overnight (no exceptions).

Wish me luck!

*Excluding times of illness or wholly irreconcilable schedule conflicts.

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