Philly Techno Shambles Shoutfest

Some of the folks from work and I stopped by the Philly New Technology Super Meetup this evening. It was at the Shambles, which is a historic open-air market place located about 30 feet from our offices on 2nd off Pine.

The event was crowded and loud. I estimate at least 300 people had already showed up by 5:30 PM. There were a couple of product demos, but no lectures or anything especially edifying like that. It was mostly well-paid IT workers standing in long lines for free beer and shouting conversations at each other over the din of a hundred similarly shouted conversations.

The crowd seemed to be having fun, though. Me, I was tired and fried from thinky working all day, so I called it quits and headed home after about an hour. I have a lot of interests outside of programming, not the least of which is relaxing quietly on the couch after a long day's work.

Click. Clack.

Jason Forest Dust Never Settle