I Love a Rainy Day

It's been raining steadily all day long. At times heavy snowflakes join in the mix. The rain gets a lot of people down, but not me. I love it. I wish we had more days like this, though I would likely change my tune if we had too many in a row.

I grant the rain is an inconvenience. There are some errands I ought to be out running right now, but I don't feel like getting wet. And maybe it is a little gloomy too, but I prefer to think of it as calming. I'm actually in a better mood today than I have been in weeks. Let's hope that trend continues!

It's true I don't want to get off the couch for anything. It's warm here beneath my Micro Fleece blankets. And I've already walked quite a bit today. My Fitbit says I'm at 14,991 steps so far, and it isn't much past noon. I'm not sure how accurate the device is, but I've definitely walked quite a few miles in the rain this morning.

As the days grow longer I feel my energy coming back. Maybe I am prone to winter SAD? Or maybe living by the clock comes into conflict with our circadian rhythms in certain seasons. It could be a little from column A and a little from column B. The two may even be one and the same thing.

As my energy levels increase, and the days grow warmer on average, the itch to get on my bike for a proper ride grows stronger by the day. Unfortunately, even with my hybrid tires, wet streets cause me to fishtail dangerously at moderate speeds. Today is actually rather cold too. I think it's about 3°C with freeze warnings. Even if my tires could manage the slick roads, I lack the sporty cold-weather gear to endure the temperatures. Next year I may get one of those indoor trainer stands to use in the winter.

This week's forecast has things looking up by Thursday, so maybe I'll get some cycling in soon. In the meantime, I've got errands to run, a messy apartment to clean, and mountains of laundry to tend to. Well, maybe not mountains, but definitely foothills of dirty laundry in need of washing.

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