I Ain't Doing Nothing

I should be doing things. Fun things. Productive things. Things in need of doing. Things I've been putting off for ages. I don't feel like doing anything right now. I don't even feel like writing. I'm only writing this because I feel guilty doing nothing at all.

This isn't even what I'd want to write about if I did want to write right now. There are many things I'd much rather talk about at the moment, but I don't feel like I can. Things would be said. They'd be taken the wrong way. Some would worry, others would be offended, and a few might smile sympathetically (condescending bastards, that lot).

This is a frustrating moment in history. On the one hand, you have unprecedented opportunities to write about your personal life experiences and share these stories and insights with people far and wide. On the other hand, your family, everyone you know and knew going back to middle school, the government, and employers into perpetuity are reading every damn thing you write, as if they had nothing better to do. It's as though the internet has given you the best little soapbox ever, but you damn well better be careful what you say when you're standing on it, or there will be hell to pay.

For whatever it's worth, I didn't care for the (now infamous) chocolate bar, personally. I greatly prefer milk chocolate over dark. However, I did appreciate the gesture. Seriously, who complains about free chocolate?

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