About a Cutting Board

My cutting board developed a long split. It would have been wonderful to repair it with a few butterfly joints, but I'm not setup for such a project. The loss is not great. It was an inexpensive acacia board which had developed some thirsty spots no amount of oiling could fix. So, I splurged on a very nice replacement. This one better hold up well, because it was expensive. I think. I don't really know how expensive cutting boards get, but this one cost far more than I enjoyed paying for slab of teak.

When ordering the cutting board I didn't pay enough mind to its size. My split board was around 14"x18". I knew I wanted something larger, and this new one is definitely larger. As it turns out, 18"x24" is much larger than 14"x18". The thing takes up most of my countertop. I can even create a makeshift counter by placing it across all four burners of my stove. That's convenient. Unless the stove is on, then it's a fire in progress. Cleanup and storage are something of a challenge with a board so large, but I am otherwise pleased with it so far.

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