The Plan, All Along

By the time I got home from work tonight, I was tired and hungry. Unfortunately, I didn't have much around to eat. There's food, so I won't likely starve anytime this week, but my cupboards are stocked mostly with pasta, rice, and legumes. I was more in the mood for something different. What that something different might have been was beyond me, but no lentils were to be involved—I'll tell you that—but I was far too exhausted to cook anything anyway and either.

The weather was fantastic, so, I wandered the red brick sidewalks aimlessly for awhile, pretending to myself that I was in search of dinner. This was most enjoyable but did nothing to satisfy my stomach's woes nor recuperate my fatigue. So, after an hour and some minutes, I bought myself a pint of Talenti Cookies and Cream gelato and a bomber of Stone IPA, and went home for the night. Now I'm sitting in the dark listening to music and the sounds of foot traffic passing below. It's nice.