Nevermind, It's Freezing Again

Monday's high temperature was 0ºC, with most of the day enjoying subzero temperatures. Tonight it's going on 18ºC. It's a good thing too. Something I threw in the trash last night stunk like hell to high heaven by the time I got home from work today. I have no idea what was behind the funk, but I've had the windows open all the day. Somehow the apartment is still too warm, but the smell is gone.

Speaking of trash, I've been trying to watch Black Mirror. For years everyone has been saying I should check it out. I watched the episode with the pig when it first aired, but I thought it was stupid and pointlessly ugly in a variety of ways and never bothered with the show again. Today, these many years later, I tried watching the Star Trek episode. Horrible. I had to turn it off. Then I tried the Black Museum episode. Rubbish. It's not sci-fi so much as softcore torture porn for 21st-Century Luddites. And it surely isn't clever or smart.

I don't get why so many love these shows where the characters are pointlessly miserable and everything is always awful. One would imagine folks got enough of that sort of thing during their morning commute.

Ezra Furman - Slacker / Adria (Official)