Sugar, Lemon Juice, Whole Eggs, Butter, Tapioca Starch

For some time now, I've been intrigued by the offerings of lemon curd at the local grocery store. This mysterious substance has piqued my curiosity for at least a year and maybe even two.

The store I frequent has offerings by two or three brands tucked in amongst the many fancy jellies, jams, and preserves for sale. I sometimes get preserves to spread on bread in lieu of butter, because I have to watch my cholesterol intake. Lemon curd is an unassuming, dull-yellow foodstuff, which ironically makes it stand out from its many colorful neighbors.

"What is this lemon curd and how does one eatsss it, my Precious?", I'd hiss whenever I spied it on the shelves. And then I'd move along, leaving all the various lemon curds where I found them.

Today I finally gave in and brought some home from the store with me. As it turns out, lemon curd is lemon pie filling in a jar. One small taste is all you need to know lemon curd is too delicious to be remotely healthful. According to the back of the container, it's full of sugar, butter, and eggs. In retrospect, I could have figured that out much earlier by reading the label in the supermarket.

I still have no idea how you're supposed to serve the stuff, but I've found spooning it directly out of the jar and into my mouth to be delightful.