Looks Like I'll Be Here Awhile

And then I got sick. I awoke yesterday with a fever, aching muscles, and a pounding headache. By that afternoon I had stabilized to a temperature around 101 degrees (give or take a few tenths). My fever broke by morning, and I'm feeling much better already. I sure hope this is COVID-19 because then I won't have to worry about catching it anymore. I suspect it was the flu running head-on into my flu shot. That would mean I caught influenza twice this season, which makes sense because two versions are going around, and the vaccine only works against one of them. My first bout with Ol' Floozy put me down flat for a week. Whatever this is I have now is so mild it wouldn't be worth talking about if not for all the SARS in the air.

Oh, and the thing about the testing if you want it. I don't know what people are saying, but I asked about getting screened, and, as of yesterday, you will not be tested for COVID-19 unless you're in a high-risk group or already extremely sick. They talk about all these screening options available, but you still need an appointment, and you have to qualify before they give you one. I know of at least one other person politely denied screening for the same reasons while at the ER. If only the severely ill and at-risk get screened, you have some glaring issues with selection bias when assessing threat. I don't hear this addressed in any meaningful way in the media.

It looks like I'm stuck here in my apartment for the next couple of weeks because I didn't qualify for COVID-19 screening and wasn't sick long enough to make testing for the flu worthwhile. I'm sure glad I stockpiled food and toilet paper. Never mind that shopping for Doomsday supplies is likely when I contracted whatever this is, the important thing is I have snacks.

The Cure - "10:15 Saturday Night"