Phew! I'm Glad That's Over...

Last year did not go as planned. I'm guessing 2020 wasn't everything you imagined it could be either. The COVID-19 pandemic, rotten political climate, and civil unrest have been a strain on almost everyone — including those enabling and perpetuating the worst of it. There's plenty more to come in 2021. I'm almost sure of it.

The world is in a grand mess, but I'm doing pretty well personally. My friends and family have all avoided the worst of the coronavirus. I remain gainfully employed in an industry accustomed to remote-workers. I have a climate-controlled roof over my head. I've got aches and pains, but they don't hurt too bad most of the time. I'm still reasonably sane. And topping it all off, I survived 2020! (Big win, right there.)

Not to rain on this year's canceled parade, but I believe the next nine months will be in many ways worse than the previous nine months. With that in mind, my single resolution for 2021 is to focus on my own well-being. I envision it as sort of like a contrived midlife crisis that mostly takes place with me alone in my living room.

Happy New Year!

MF DOOM - Kookies