Why the Camera?

A skinny guy (tall fellow) dashes across Broad Street. He's smoking a stale cigarette and scowling. A telephoto lens the size of a small fire extinguisher, one end bolted to a Sony a7-something-or-other, hangs around his neck like a dead albatross. It's little wonder he's scowling. One look at his kit and all I could think was, "See, that's what I don't want!" I don't want to carry a lot of heavy gear. I don't want to worry about what lenses I have with me today. I don't want to spend hours fussing in Lightroom and Photoshop. I don't want to curate an Instagram and cultivate an online following. I don't want to be a "Content Creator." I don't want to be famous. I don't even want to be a good photographer. All I want is to take snapshots of things that catch my eye and enjoy myself in the process.

That said, I have started throwing photos into a couple of iCloud buckets for the curious. There is one for color photographs here (opens in a new window), and another for black & white photographs here (opens in a new window). (I honestly like black & white photography far better, but some images make more sense in color.) There aren't many pictures in there yet, but I'll add to them regularly.

Personally, I believe a person can be an Artist without aspiring to engage the arts themselves. And if there's some rule that says you can't, then I'm not going to follow that rule, because it's dumb.

The Books - "Smells Like Content" (official video)