Fire, Fire Everywhere, Have a Drop to Drink

There was a three-alarm fire at a junkyard up the road. It may be a recycling plant. The exact classification depends on who you ask. It's been under control for a few hours, but the news says it generated a lot of smoke. There's also a large wildfire burning out of control in Nova Scotia, Canada, for the last four days. It's caused a Code Orange air pollution alert here in Philadelphia, some 600 miles away. We're engulfed in an inescapable white-grey haze. My eyes are even drier than usual and sting slightly at all times. My sinuses are irritated and itchy. Everything smells of smoke. Everything tastes of smoke. It isn't good, but, at least so far, it's better than the last time something like this happened, which should have been longer ago, but here we are again. Already.

Wolf Parade - Yulia [OFFICIAL VIDEO]