Them's a Lotta Lenses

I had an appointment with one of my Ophthalmologists this morning. I have two. This one says my eyes are working reasonably well, technically speaking.

The long of it is I spend too much time on the computer, while the short of it is my eyes are getting old. Somewhere in the middle of it, my current prescription isn't suitable for working at the computer anymore. I left with three different scripts for new eyeglasses. Three!

Every two weeks, something comes up unexpectedly that requires a big chunk of my paycheck to sort out. This payday, it's new glasses. Last payday, I got a surprise letter from the gas company informing me they neglected to bill me correctly for a few months, so they're tacking on a few hundred dollars to this month's bill. The payday before that, I was double-billed for expensive medication. (I'm still determining if that's resolved yet.) It's frustrating.

In better news, this evening, I noticed the tinnitus in my left ear has finally settled into the background. I'm not sure how long it's been gone(ish), but it had been ringing like a bastard since October of 2021 until at least a month or two ago. There's one for the win column!

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