Crime, Crime, Everywhere; Nor Any Cop to Fink

It's the 4th of July. That's bigger than Christmas in my neighborhood. Flags. Bagpipes. More Ben Franklins than you can shake a kite at. The streets are teeming with tourists, redcoats, and revolutionaries. Police everywhere.

There was a mass shooting last night up on 56th and Chester. I lived on 47th as a kid. Seven casualties; Five people dead. It was a guy from the neighborhood. He shot a 2-year-old with one of those It's Not an Assault Rifles. Two years old. That doesn't feel like freedom.

In other news, the 6th district PD released video of a suspected burglar in my neighborhood. It's a bird's-eye view of a brick sidewalk and some steps. My next-door neighbor's steps, as a matter of fact. Reportedly, on June 24th, the crook made off with over $100,000 in jewelry.[1] The cops didn't think to mention it until yesterday, over a week after the fact.

And someone vandalized the Museum of the American Revolution a few days ago. They say he painted something on the bronzes and smashed a few windows. I'm not sure. When I checked out the scene for myself, any damage had already been repaired. There's excellent "nothing at all suspicious going on here" security cam footage of the suspect. I easily identified him earlier this afternoon. He was on a bench by the northeast entrance of Washington Square Park, three blocks from the crime scene.[2] In a few days, I'll tell the cops where I saw him. See how they like it.

  1. If you're in the burgling business, please note that more than one doorbell means the building has been divided into apartments. We don't have those sorts of pocketable luxury items in apartments. You're looking for the houses with only one buzzer. One button, one doorbell.
  2. This is absolutely true.

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