I Sure Could Do With a Sofa Right About Now

Yesterday, I got a FLUCELVAX in the left arm and a SPIKEVAX in the right. I got the inoculations in the afternoon partly to avoid disrupting my workday but also in the hope I might sleep through the worst of any side effects.

So far, today hasn't been too bad; No fever or chills like the last time. My left arm is stiff and hurts a bit. The same goes for the right arm, only ten times worse. The rest of me is a collection of minor aches and pains.

I managed to get outside a little this morning before the worst of it set in, but I was out of commission by noon, so I spent the rest of the day inside, watching cooking and photography channels on YouTube and refreshing social media mindlessly in between naps.

With a bit of luck, I'll be back on my feet tomorrow, wandering aimlessly about the city. In the meantime, I'm searching for something relaxing to watch on the ol' SmartTV.

Update, Nov 5, 2023: Around 10 p.m., I was wracked with teeth-chattering chills and shaking uncontrollably. The worst passed within the hour. I spent the rest of the night sweating out a minor 100°F fever. This morning, I seem fine, aside from notable soreness around my SPIKEVAX injection site.

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