And Then, Suddenly, a Nap

The weather is lovely. A breezy 22°C with lots of sunshine. I spent all morning on a delightful walk around town, passing through many types of neighborhoods as I wandered from the Magnolia Garden on 4th down to 2nd and southward to Federal Street, doubled-back on Sears Street to 3rd, and then headed west on Washington Avenue to the Italian Market before stopping by the bottleshop on 10th and Pine and returning home to my secret hideout.

Now I’m sitting in the recliner with an open window at my back, drinking Oskar Blues’ Hazy Blues IPA, and writing this blog post. I don’t much care for the Hazy Blues. It’s too sweet and boasts an aftertaste of Pine-Sol and booze. I’m pouring the greater portion down the drain.

The chair by the window, however, is great. It isn’t particularly comfortable as recliners go, especially for what it cost me, you can’t see the TV from this corner at all, and the stereo speaker image is targeting the sofa in the center of the room, certainly not the corners behind the television, because that would be weird, but I nonetheless enjoy the chair’s current location greatly.

Now I’m going to take a nap. Maybe even right here in this chair.

Sweet Tooth