April 2015

Unresponsive at Best

I've been getting complaints. Actually I've gotten just one complaint so far. It seems the site is difficult to view on smaller mobile devices. I agree. I'm pretty sure I can roll out a mobile-friendly update this weekend, but I can't guarantee it.

It's Going to be a Long Summer

I won't pretend I'm outraged by all of the looting and rioting. I find it sad but foreseeable. Civil society is coming undone from the top down.

I Finally Bought a New Bicycle

It's spring. I finally broke down and bought a new bike. It's a Trek hybrid. I didn't go high-end on it. Believe me, I sure wanted to. Some of those two and three thousand dollar bikes are really nice. I'll be leaving my own bike locked up at train stations and such for extended periods, so there's a reasonable chance it will get stolen eventually—people being as they are.

Do We Really Need All That So Early in the Morning?

I was awakened this morning by one of my neighbors sitting in a tree and shouting at the top of his lungs for two hours straight.

Oh, No, Please Don't Do That

The fish has obviously been dead for some time. You can tell because it's fraying around the edges. The readily apparent state of decay is no deterrent to the duck trying to eat it.

I'm Boring My Own Self Over Here

Maintaining a hectic pace arguably leaves the experience of life something of a blur. This more relaxed pace, on the other hand, reduces life to a clumsy smudge.