May 2015

Perhaps I've Gone Too Far

I took my new bike out for a truly proper breaking-in today. I got a little carried away. No regrets, per se.

On Hummus On Hot Dogs

I recently got it into my head that hummus might go well with hot dogs. It does not.

Windsor Knots and Bloodlust

I had to learn how to tie a full Windsor because the asymmetry of a half-Windsor nags at me. I won't try to pretend there isn't some part of me that is thinking to myself, “I'll bet everyone is looking at my crooked tie, and they all hate me for it.” Which might be true, because, frankly, your own crooked tie does in fact bother me.

More Trouble Than Trouble's Worth

I just tried some fast food. I will grant that it was food (or at least very much food-like). Going by the numbers, fast food doesn't appear to be good for you.

We'll Call You Phil

"Could you just cover your fist with grape jelly and then punch me in the throat?"

On Forgetting Phones and Reading Books

I forgot my phone. I suppose rather than get all worked up about it, I'll instead take a few moments to enjoy being unplugged. I get way too much screen time anyhow.