June 2015

Zeus is Dull, Dull, Dull

If you happen upon this somewhat scathing review, and you also happen to be one Michael G. Munz, I can only offer my condolences. You seem like a great guy, but I didn't like this book at all.

A Subtle Diversion

I'm working at an office off South Street. The area is overrun with attractive young women half my age at best. This is not about that.

Tumblr Probably Won't End Racism

Here I'm going to talk a little about my observations from real-world discussions I have had with avowed racists. If this subject gets you worked up and out of control, you shouldn't read it.

On the Balcony in the Media

I'm having difficulty understanding the Berkeley balcony collapse. It's terrible, for sure, but I don't need to know about any of this here in NJ.

The Beat Will Set You Free

Psychologist Annett Schirmer says rhythm improves visual perception.

My New Fad Internet Diet

I am going on a diet — make that two diets! The first is of the regular sort wherein I count calories and such. The second is for my mind.