September 2015

The Women in My Life

Pardon me, if you will, while I wax sexist for a bit.

An Apocalypse of Sorts

On having finished Terry Pratchett's final novel.

Three Iced Decafs and a Brand New Notebook

Allow me to regale you with tales of my search for a dot grid notebook and decaffeinated iced coffee.

Cadmium is Kind of Poisonous but Not Enough to Matter

I've started painting again. I'm not sure why. It called out to me or something. I'm a little rusty, but not insurmountably so.

Who Needs Love When You Got a Gun?

Herein I go on and on about the song Louie Louie.

Pigment Blue 79

On the matter of my basic strategy for finding new music and young girls with bright blue hair.