January 2016

Organic Gluten-Free Booze

On a lark, I picked up a bottle of organic bourbon. Here's what I thought of it.

Today Wasn't Half Bad

Today I felt better than I have in some time. It was definitely the best I've felt since my hospital visit.

Getting Out of the House After a Blizzard

I got a chance to go outside and walk around a little today. That was nice. Now I'm tired.

Snow So Far and Bad Movies

My friend Evan (of Song of the Day fame) wanted to know what I thought of the movie "Bone Tomahawk", so here's that.

So I'm in the Hospital

I took a little trip to the emergency room which turned into an all-nighter.

Art School Girls

You don't meet the kind of girl who likes Cy Twombly often, but when you do, she's half your age.