February 2016

Soggy Bottom Programmer on Drupal

I'm working on upgrading my website from Drupal version 7 to version 8. I even started a new blog to record the experience. It's up on Wordpress.com.

How I Spent My Day Off

Recuperating, procrastinating, coffee shops, city walks, subway brawls, and terminal tangents.

Happy Valentine's Day

I spent Valentine's Day walking around in the bitter cold for bitter giggles.

It Doesn't Take Much Getting Used To

I bought a new bed. This may not seem noteworthy, unless you consider my history in beds.

My Poor Heart Can't Take It

Ever since I was 16 or 17, I have absolutely loved Big Black's song "Heartbeat". Only just today I learned it's actually a cover of a much better treatment by Wire. I'm blushing.

Why Do I Write So Much?

Random ramblings on writing as pertains to why I bother.