Array to String With Commas And Closing And

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Friday, March 27th, 2015

Given an array of three or more values like [foo, bar, baz], implode them into string of the form, "foo, bar, and baz."

function array2StringWithCommas($array, $oxford=True) {
  $last = array_pop($array);
  $second2Last = array_pop($array);
  if ($oxford) {
    $last = $second2Last . ', and ' . $last;
  else {
    $last = $second2Last . ' and ' . $last; 
  array_push($array, $last);
  return implode(', ', $array);


$arr = array('Foo', 'Bar', 'apple'=>'Baz');
print array2StringWithCommas($arr);


Foo, Bar, and Baz
$arr = array('Foo', 'Bar', 'apple'=>'Baz');
print array2StringWithCommas($arr, False);


Foo, Bar and Baz

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