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Wednesday, December 16th, 2015


Notes on using the linux du utility.

Get the size of the current directory with label for the total

du -ch | grep total
2.5G        total

Get the size of the current directory only

du -s


du -s
30248   .

Make file size human friendly

du -sh


du -sh
30M .

List all directories in the current directory (non-recursive)

du -sh *


du -sh *
16K config.yaml
200K    files
30M puppet
116K    shell

By default du listings are recursive and redundant

28  ./shell/ascii-art
116 ./shell
12  ./files/exec-once
12  ./files/exec-always
12  ./files/startup-once
12  ./files/startup-always
88  ./files/dot/ssh
148 ./files/dot
200 ./files
344 ./puppet/nodes
16  ./puppet/modules/postgresql/templates
28  ./puppet/modules/postgresql/lib/puppet/type
40  ./puppet/modules/postgresql/lib/puppet/parser/functions
44  ./puppet/modules/postgresql/lib/puppet/parser
16  ./puppet/modules/postgresql/lib/puppet/provider/postgresql_conf
16  ./puppet/modules/postgresql/lib/puppet/provider/postgresql_psql
36  ./puppet/modules/postgresql/lib/puppet/provider
112 ./puppet/modules/postgresql/lib/puppet
116 ./puppet/modules/postgresql/lib
[*snipped lots of directories here*]
16  ./puppet/modules/puphpet/files
120 ./puppet/modules/puphpet/manifests/php
16  ./puppet/modules/puphpet/manifests/mysql
16  ./puppet/modules/puphpet/manifests/python
16  ./puppet/modules/puphpet/manifests/debian
28  ./puppet/modules/puphpet/manifests/apache
356 ./puppet/modules/puphpet/manifests
592 ./puppet/modules/puphpet
29512   ./puppet/modules
29912   ./puppet
30248   .

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