Find Processes Listening on TCP Ports

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Wednesday, November 2nd, 2016

Listing TCP processes and the ports they're listening on.

Find All TCP Processes Listening on Ports

lsof -i | grep LISTEN
idea       2403 myuser  180u  IPv4 0x45ba6555d1627ab1      0t0  TCP localhost:6942 (LISTEN)
idea       2403 myuser  482u  IPv4 0x45ba6555d1397599      0t0  TCP localhost:63342 (LISTEN)
nginx-1.8  3484 myuser    5u  IPv4 0x45ba6555c9a1a599      0t0  TCP localhost:hbci (LISTEN)
nginx-1.8  3485 myuser    5u  IPv4 0x45ba6555c9a1a599      0t0  TCP localhost:hbci (LISTEN)
node      38363 myuser   14u  IPv6 0x45ba6555dbd44c91      0t0  TCP *:cifs (LISTEN)
node      42627 myuser   14u  IPv6 0x45ba6555db6891d1      0t0  TCP *:35729 (LISTEN)
[ ..and so on... ]

Find a Process Listening on a Specific Port

lsof -i | grep ':5938 (LISTEN)'
Google    43523 myuser  239u  IPv4 0x45ba6555dc039ab1      0t0  TCP localhost:5938 (LISTEN)

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