Flush Image Styles with Drush

Last modified: 
Friday, August 14th, 2015

You can flush cached image style derivatives using the drush image-flush command.

Select from a list of available images (default)

drush image-flush

Outputs a list of numbered options like this:

$ drush image-flush
Choose a style to flush.
 [0]   :  Cancel                                 
 [1]   :  all                                    
 [2]   :  flexslider_full                        
 [3]   :  flexslider_thumbnail                   
 [4]   :  thumbnail                              
 [5]   :  medium                                 
 [6]   :  large                                  
 [7]   :  linkit_thumb                           
 [8]   :  media_thumbnail                        
 [9]   :  sliderstyles                           
 [10]  :  headers            

Flush a specific image style by providing a machine name

drush image-flush flexislider_full

Flush all images styles by using the --all flag

drush image-flush --all

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