HP Touchpad Or Trackpad Stops Working Intermittently

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Friday, March 27th, 2015

HP4540s Trackpad Sticks or Becomes Unresponsive

My Hewlett Packard 4540s laptop's Synaptics touchpad becomes unresponsive. Trackpad movement is jerky and sticks. The problem seems worse on humid days or after extended periods of use.

How I Fixed It Under Windows 7

  • Open the Start menu
  • Search programs and files: change mouse settings.
  • Click change mouse settings.
  • The Mouse Properties window opens (a).
  • Click the Synaptics Device Settings tab.
  • Highlight Synaptics LuxPad Vx.x on PS/2 Port.
  • Press the Settings... button.
  • A new Properties window opens (b).
  • Click PalmCheck-Enhanced in the left menu area.
  • Click the Settings Cog (it appears in the highlighted PalmCheck-Enhanced list item).
  • The PalmCheck-Enhanced settings window opens (c).
  • Slide the PalmCheck slider to off.
  • Click the Close button (window c).
  • Click the Apply button in the window below (window b).
  • Click OK, the window closes (window b).
  • Click OK in the Mouse Properties window (window a).

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