IntelliJ IDEA Cheat Sheet

Last modified: 
Monday, March 20th, 2017

Cheat sheet and links for IntelliJ IDEA.

Managing Bookmarks

  • F3 adds an anonymous bookmark at the current line, and will remove any existing bookmark.
  • Opt+F3 opens mnemonic bookmark input, which allows you to create a bookmark associated with a letter or number (A-Z, 0-9).
  • Cmd+F3 will display all bookmarks in a project.
    • If you don't track your .idea directory in git, your bookmarks exist across branches. This may lead to unexpected behavior.
    • You can reorder bookmarks in this window, too.
  • See also: Managing Bookmarks

Open Files and Settings

  • Shift+Cmd+O Go to File.
  • Cmd+O open file containing named class.
  • Shift Shift opens the Search Everywhere dialog.
  • Cmd+Shift+A search IDE actions and options.

Source Editing

  • Opt+Cmd+Return open Surround Selection dialog.
  • Ctrl+Opt+I Auto-Indent Lines.

Keyboard Shortcuts

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