Vagrant VBox Snapshot

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Tuesday, June 23rd, 2015

About and Installation

The Vagrant VBox Snapshot plugin allows to manage VirtualBox snapshots via vagrant.

vagrant plugin install vagrant-vbox-snapshot

Available Commands

 vagrant snapshot take [vm-name]    # take snapshot, labeled by NAME
 vagrant snapshot list [vm-name]                   # list snapshots
 vagrant snapshot back [vm-name]                   # restore last taken snapshot
 vagrant snapshot delete [vm-name]  # delete specified snapshot
 vagrant snapshot go [vm-name]      # restore specified snapshot

List Available Snapshots

vagrant snapshot list
Listing snapshots for 'default':
   Name: MySite Alpha (UUID: 8cf60634-7e24-4b24-a24b-e6ab07156ddf)
      Name: MySite Dev (UUID: 241044fd-1df3-45a9-be99-9072eebe0945) *
      Name: MySite Ticket-1288 (UUID: 38c98925-915e-4e3f-9197-f80f84ddfc54)
This is long term feature branch which is not in sync with Dev.


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