All Things Considered, I Should Be In Bed Now

I work a whole lot. Mostly I work, in fact. This is not so terrible, because I usually find work enjoyable. I try to play guitar a little too. I'm not very good at guitar and do not expect this will change much over time, but it's great fun to noodle around all the same. And I do a great deal of photography, of course. Photography I find engrossing. If I didn't have to work, I'd just do photography and maybe play guitar a little. I wouldn't want to be a professional photographer though. That would likely require I start taking proper pictures, which is a compromise I'm not prepared to make at this time. It's weird to be driven. It's weirder still to continue to be driven even into your middle-age. A person is supposed to know better by now.

Nirvana - School (Live At Reading 1992)

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