Omphaloskepsis Rex

There's no now. Everything is the near future or the recent past. (George Carlin)

I was thinking about this George Carlin bit about time a little today. I think he might be right. The idea that everything is the near future or the recent past obviously contradicts the Eastern traditions in which it is commonly held that the present moment is the only thing that can truly be said to be real. But can even the most awakened mind be aware of an event that hasn't first been processed by the various mechanisms of the peripheral and central nervous systems? Presumably not, therefor all experience is necessarily a reflection upon the immediate past taking place in the event's immediate future. The present moment can only be inferred and never truly experienced directly. This doesn't mean there isn't a present moment. It's just that we can never see it because there is some degree of latency hardwired into the mechanisms through which we experience reality.

I'm expecting this post to go over well in Colorado.

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