I Can Fit Them Tallways Now

I had Starbursts for breakfast. They were delicious. However, I have been sick to my stomach ever since. I don't know what's in them, but something in there does not agree with me at all. Please don't view this as a disparagement against Starburst candies. I LOVE Starburst candies. My stomach is neurotic and takes issue with all manner of wonderful foodstuffs.

Since I wasn't going anywhere anyway, I spent some time retooling the layout for SittingInOblivion.com. I must confess I really liked the idea of making my photos the overwhelmingly dominant design element. The problem was getting images to display above the fold on laptops and tablets required keeping the layout narrow, and even then there was no practical way to display portrait-oriented images. So I've returned to something of a more traditional layout.

While tinkering about I changed some of the interaction behaviors. Now, when you click on a photo, you'll be taken to the full-size version of the image. I keep the full-size images kind of small. I'm hoping they're big enough to appreciate but not big enough to be worth stealing. Before this update, clicking an image used to take you to the song of the day, which likely confused some people. I moved the song of the day to the bottom of the page. It is now a clearly labeled and oft enticing link. There are some clearly labeled previous and next links at the bottom of most pages too. Even I have a hard time figuring out how the arrows at the top work. It's hard to express temporal relations horizontally, I think. Time is intuitively vertical—for me at least.

I haven't tested these new changes in anything but Firefox yet, so give me a holler if anything a splodes your eye-ees or whatnot. OK, cool. Bye now.