It's Official: I Have the Flu

Yesterday I awoke fatigued with a slight cough and stiff neck. I chalked it up to allergies and a late night. By the end of the evening my cough was full-on nagging, and I was riding out a bad case of the chills with the aid of my electric blanket. Electric blankets are wonderful.

Today I hurt—everywhere. It isn't too bad if I don't move, but even a short walk to the kitchen for a cuppa left me feeling like I'd just lost a rugby match. Even my hands and eyelids ache. I'm not exaggerating; my eyelids hurt.

The good news is my fever is gone and my cough is more of a pesky itch at this point. With a little luck and some enthusiasm from the leukocytes department I should be back in the office by Tuesday. Knock on wood.

In the meantime, I'm going to binge watch Brooklyn Nine Nine.

And cough a little.




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