Oh, How I Wish It Would Rain

The trees have it in for me this year. Pollen is their weapon of choice. It's not so bad if I stay inside with the windows closed and the air-conditioner running, but I cough and cough whenever I go outside for even just a few minutes.

I've never had allergies bother me this much before. As soon as my flu wound down the trees came at me in force. It's unreal. I'm taking Allegra and Singulair, drinking gallons of water, and huffing Albuterol like it was gold spray paint. I've even taken to sleeping with an N95 respirator mask on. It's slightly uncomfortable, but my lungs feel so good when I wake up. So good.

Next year I'm getting the shots. Lots of them. Whatever they gots the shots for, I'm getting me some. Maybe even doubles just to be on the safe side. Stick it to me, doc. Jab jab.

SSM "No Looking Back" from the "LP 1" disc 2005 - Detroit rock