Don't Look Now, but I'm Following You

I've taken to Twitter. I like it because I can follow people who post about things I find interesting. I don't necessarily know or like the people doing the posting, and they don't have to know or like me. It's a consumer-producer relationship with no reciprocation required. That's the perfect arrangement for aloof types like myself.

Sometimes I read the conversations in the details. That's always a mistake. The Devil is in the conversation in the details.

A lot of people complain about the trolls. I grant they can be a nuisance at times. However, the people that really get to me are the sincere types who want everything to be sanitized and "trigger" proof. These are the people who would censor everyone and everything to prevent anyone from ever being offended, insulted, or reminded of a traumatic event ever—no matter how unintentional or indirect the slight.

A misanthrope intent on destroying the world is overly optimistic at best. A man out to save the world is truly dangerous.

Bela Lugosi's Dead