I'm Boring My Own Self Over Here

I'm getting lazy. I've done little of merit all weekend. I've been going to bed early and waking up late all week. I spend a few hours each day surfing the Web aimlessly and streaming television shows I don't pay attention to. I hardly recognize myself. Well, the stack of dirty dishes does look a lot like something I'd do.

I've been reading a lot about simplifying life. "Take time to smell the roses", they say. "Stress is a dangerous killer", they say. "No man on his deathbed ever says, 'I wish I had worked harder'", they say they don't say. But I like to go. I like to be working on something all of the time. I like to make things and learn things and see things and do things. I like to wake up hungry in the morning and fall asleep at my desk late at night.

Slowing down doesn't suit me. The days are certainly no more meaningful. Maintaining a hectic pace arguably leaves the experience of life something of a blur. This more relaxed pace, on the other hand, reduces life to a clumsy smudge, lacking in focus and clarity, and far less dynamic or interesting. What's the point of living longer if you're going to be bored the whole time?

Now I just have to kick start myself back into action somehow. I'll let you know how that goes. In the meantime, check out the new site feature I created to automatically generate photo galleries based on topics or themes. Any single photo will typically be associated with multiple themes, which will in turn contain any number of photos. We call that a many-to-many relationship. I dated a couple girls who were into that. It's not all it's made out to be. What this many-to-many relationship means for you is that each automatically generated gallery is not a unique collection of images, and you should expect repeats. I haven't categorized all the photos yet, either. I could have been doing that while I was laying around doing nothing, but then what would I have written about?