Unresponsive at Best

I've been getting complaints. Actually I've gotten just one complaint so far. It seems the site is difficult to view on smaller mobile devices. I agree with this assessment. Google does too, and Google is making a stink about it. I don't really care about my own search engine positioning. I care that it's annoying for you and for me to read this site on our fancy-pants phones.

When I last redid the site, it was a rushed response to Drupalgeddon. In the interest of saving vast quantities of time, I went with a custom sub-theme of the default Bartik theme. Bartik is not a responsive layout. However, the tweaks in my own sub-theme weren't responsive either, so let's not blame Bartik.

I'm working on a responsive and mobile-friendly version of Sitting in Oblivion now. I'll be using a custom sub-theme of the Responsive Bartik theme. Frankly, I think Bartik makes for a nice looking web site after you smooth over some of the rougher edges and move away from the Drupal-blue. It definitely makes for a good jumping off point.

I'm pretty sure I can roll out the mobile-friendly update this weekend. I can't guarantee it, but that timeline is looking good right now.

Babes In Toyland - "Sweet '69"