More Trouble Than Trouble's Worth

I just tried some fast food. I don't often eat fast food on account of I don't like it much. Tonight I tried a Sonic cheeseburger. I will grant that it was food (or at least very much food-like). Certainly better than the last Roy Rogers and McDonalds burgers I had quite some time ago.

The Sonic burger was definitely edible. It wasn't exciting though. It certainly wasn't good enough to justify the suffering and environmental damage wrought by industrialized cattle farming. I, personally, don't think it was anything near worth the 710 calories, 17 grams of saturated fats, or the whopping 1,120 milligrams of sodium either.

Going by the numbers, fast food doesn't appear to be good for you. Going by the taste, it's not worth the trouble. But that's just my opinion. Take it with 1.12 grams of salt.

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