On Hummus On Hot Dogs

I recently got it into my head that hummus might go well with hot dogs. It does not.

Lately, I've been enjoying Wegmans store brand organic hummus. It doesn't have any olive or canola oil in it and there's a fair bit of tahini. There's even a little texture from the sesame seeds still to be found. It's surely not as good as authentic hummus made at fancy Lebanese restaurants, but it isn't bad at all for something out of a plastic container.

Hot dogs are essentially gross and terrible for you, but I've been eating organic, all grass-fed, humanely-raised beef hot dogs with no added nitrates. Or so it says on the package, anyway. Applegate Farms could be stretching the truth, but I'd like very much to take the packaging at face value, because the hot dogs are tasty, and reducing the amount of suffering I am directly responsible for is important to me.

Unfortunately, my stomach is fussy, and I have dietary needs that I can't readily supplement in the usual vegetarian fashions without risking almost immediate incapacitation. I can't eat poultry either. Or seafood, for that matter. And I don't like to eat pigs, because I think they're smart. Grass fed steak is obviously too expensive to have very often. So hot dogs it is for the time being.

Hummus and hot dogs are not bad together. I know that sounds weird at first, but the combination is not at all unpleasant. In fact, the essential flavors of both are essentially salt and garlic and so similar that nothing much happens when you put them together. The experience is a bit of a let down.

-M- - Et moi, et moi, et moi (Jacques Dutronc) - Le Live