Perhaps I've Gone Too Far

I took my new bike out for a truly proper breaking-in today. I got a little carried away and found myself riding sixteen miles, much of it through trails of mud and wet sand. I'm glad I went with the hybrid over a standard road bike. While I mostly stick to the streets, I very much enjoy going off-road now and again. The hybrid doesn't handle as tight or quick as my old mountain bike, and I'm very reluctant to cruise over obstacles at breakneck speeds on this new bicycle, but it's a solid compromise between on- and off-road performance. Unfortunately, I'm not in proper condition to handle sixteen mile rides just yet, so today's expedition left me exhausted and nodding off repeatedly throughout the rest of today. Tomorrow, if it doesn't rain, I'll have another long ride but will try to keep it under ten miles. And I'll bring my camera and tripod. I've got bungee cords to strap the tripod to the rack and everything.

Toadies "Heart Of Glass" (Blondie Cover)