Vespid Do or Die

I came home to the sound of my air-conditioner violently rattling like a giant wasp. I wasn't happy about the idea of having to buy a new air-conditioner, but tomorrow is payday, and the weather has been nice, so I figured I could pick one up this weekend for a good price. Then I realized the device wasn't even turned on.

I pulled up the blinds to get a better look at the situation and came to find there are worse things in life than coming home to a broken air-conditioner. For example, you might have a huge hornet most unhappily trapped in your living room. The creature was at the very least two inches long. I'd swear it was pushing three inches long and nearly a half-inch in diameter at the gaster, but I don't know if they actually grow that large or not. It was really big though.

As it turns out, hornets are extremely aggressive. Seriously, they're totally in it to win it, or at the very least sting the living hell out of it. Fortunately, I managed to trap him in a large glass bowl and release him back into the wild with neither of us the worse for wear. All's well that ends well without anyone getting stung or squished, I always say.

Soledad Brothers - Goin' Back To Memphis