Why Do I Write So Much?

I write a lot. I seldom write much worth reading, but that's fine. The overwhelming majority of what I write gets crumpled into a virtual ball and thrown into the recycling bin, or whatever my current Linux distro calls the trash can.

I don't write for an audience. No, not even for you, but I do like you a lot. I write because I write. It helps me organize my thoughts and think things through. It also helps me not think things through too much or maybe even think things through constantly non-stop.

The words I write do not matter much to me, which can be dangerous in today's day and age in which we pretend everything you ever do or say will be recorded on your permanent record. For me, banging words out is what counts, and nobody's counting my words, so I can't say for sure why it matters to anyone, least of all me.

There is perhaps something about making one's internal dialog manifest in the external world that makes it more real or less real. It's hard to say, until you can look at it on paper or whatever we use in paper's stead these days.

Occasionally I have thoughts which are worthwhile and meaningful, even if they're not entirely correct. Most of my thoughts are generic and of little consequence. Every now and again I have a really good one. Writing these thoughts out helps me to differentiate between them all, even if doing so is pointless.

Breathe In Breathe Out (Explicit)