Organic Gluten-Free Booze

On a lark, I picked up a bottle of Koval single-barrel bourbon. The label claims it's an organic whiskey made in Chicago. I've read the majority of American whiskey is actually made by the MGB distillery in Indiana, but I'll take Koval at their word. The bourbon is distilled from corn (obviously) and millet, then aged in charred new oak barrels (as one does).

I wasn't so fond of this drink at first. You can definitely taste the barrel. There's lots of charred oak flavor to go around. Fortunately, adding a splash of sparkling water mellows the oakiness while opening up the other flavors. Go easy on the water though, as even a little too much can wash out the flavor to nearly nada.

I wouldn't put this booze in my regular rotation, but it's certainly worth trying if you come across a bottle on sale.

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