Today Wasn't Half Bad

Today I felt better than I have in some time. It was definitely the best I've felt since I got out of the ER. My energy levels were nearly back up to normal, so naturally I went for a stroll around the city. I walked from 4th and Pine up to 21st and Market and then back down to 4th again. That's a good stretch of the legs.

Now I'm settling down for the night and watching Once Upon a Time in the West. Netflix sent me a whole bunch of westerns for some reason. I have a 2-disc plan, but they've sent me 4 discs, half of them westerns. Perhaps this is to make up for how much I hated Bone Tomahawk.

Once Upon a Time in the West is said to be a classic. So far it seems good, but I'm not into it. It's one of those movies where a bunch of bad guys go around murdering and tormenting people until our antihero gets fed up and then gets down to murdering those murderous bastards. Those guys needed a good killing too. In the meantime, it's kind of slow and our antihero is mostly acting like a villain when he isn't just playing harmonica. Little known fact: I hate the sound of harmonicas and violins.

Minus Pilots & Kenneth Kirschner / Fourteen Ten Four