Paid In Full, Maybe

Cops don't appreciate fish drivin' around. They frown on that. (Bill Hicks)

I signed a formal job offer last week. This means I almost have a new job. It's not technically official for the reason that I'm still waiting on the results of a background check and drug test. I don't imagine there will be any problems with either, as I haven't done anything outrageously fun or exciting in years.

I'm not sure why I have to take a drug test for this particular position. I'm not raising a fuss over it, because it's a non-issue for me, seeing as the only drugs I take are those my doctor prescribes, and frankly, he'll tell you himself, I don't even take the various medications my doctor recommends with any consistency.

The drug test itself turned out to be a big hassle because they were having trouble sorting out the paperwork for the guy ahead of me. I wound up doing the pee pee dance in the waiting room for an hour and a half while they worked the matter out. Apparently, I'm very patient. Or so I'm told.

Of course it's easy to be patient when you're motivated. The job offer is very good. It pays well. I get to learn new and highly marketable skills like Ruby and advanced JavaScript for enterprise (and we all know how I freakin' love enterprise work). And there's absolutely no Drupal involved either. None. At. All.

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