Live, Learn, Turn Up the Volume

The fact that you can be so fooled by your dreams is sufficient reason to question what you're experiencing right now.

—David Eagleman, The Brain

It occurred to me recently that I didn't actually own a single album by The Kinks. This state of affairs seemed to me, upon careful consideration, unacceptable. As it stood, I couldn't even be sure if I liked The Kinks in any meaningful way. I certainly love some of their songs. I mean Lola, Destroyer, All Day and All of the Night, Should I Stay or Should I Go, and You Really Got Me are amazing blues-inspired rock classics—and all but one of these tunes are by The Kinks.

So, I bought a couple of their albums to get a feel for their work. Except it's 2016, so you can't actually buy a couple of The Kinks albums. You can buy a couple deluxe editions of their albums, like I did. Which effectively means I now have 6 albums by The Kinks. That's a pretty decent survey for "a getting to know you" purchase. As it turns out, The Kinks were freakin' great. So...freaking...great.